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Our presentation

EP Group brings together a consortium of international experience in the construction and equipment of high-tech enterprises of the European Union and the emerging markets of Russia, China, India, Brazil and others.

Through our extensive links to industrial and scientific environment, we offer our customers technological transfers from companies - leaders of the international market in the field of microelectronics, electronic instrumentation, photovoltaics, fiber optics, and materials science.

Today, an international consortium EP Group includes dozens of specialized companies with a total staff of over 1,000 people and with an annual turnover of more than 1 billion. Euro.

International Consortium EP Group is a strategic partner for regional specialized design and construction and engineering companies engaged in independent activity within the joint or coordinated business projects.

The activities of the international consortium EP Group is aimed at a single marketing strategy for the regional companies, which due to their cooperation contributes to sustainable development and makes effective use of available resources.

Strategic partners of the consortium EP Group in Russia are the following companies:

SKTO Promproekt - planning and design, installation of clean rooms and special engineering systems.

YuiStroy – construction, installation and commissioning of specialized engineering systems, clean rooms.

how we work




Collection of initial permits

Analysis of the industrial site

Technological audit 

Investment planning



Delivery of equipment

Creation “turnkey” Hi-Tech  enterprises

Our experts
  • Arnold TerraResearch of physical and technical profile
  • Matthew VinokurSemiconductor manufacturing and technology
  • Georgy VinogradovPlazma tehnologies
  • Oleg VahrushevAssembly technology
  • Anton KuznetsovTechnological and analytical equipment
  • Vladimir KartavtsevDesign and reconstruction